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Storied Astoria

Written by Jennifer Nice / Published by Experiential Passage

As 2013 rolls into 2014, I’m doing a lot of reflecting on the past year and planning for the next 365 days! My photos have clogged my iCloud storage, prompting me to delete a bunch and finally upload photos from the past 12 months. 

This year wasn’t a distinguished travel year for me, and that’s okay. Instead my journeys were marked by personal growth opportunities. But – one place I rediscovered in my home state and visited not just once, but twice.


Astoria, Oregon.

Located on the northwestern tip of Oregon where the muscular Columbia River surges into the Pacific Ocean, the Astoria of my memory was dreary, drippy (supposedly it’s the rainiest city in the state), and underwhelming, despite its rich history.

But as we know – the only constant in life is change and that applies to towns, too. We were lucky enough to discover Astoria’s gems on two different weekends in summer and fall. And you know what? Not one raindrop fell!

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