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Astoria: Gateway to the Oregon Coast


Astoria: Gateway to the Oregon Coast

By Katherine Belarmino / Published at Travel to the World

Astoria is often considered the northernmost town of the Oregon coast, though technically Astoria is located on the Columbia River close to where it enters the ocean rather than on the coast itself.  Astoria is an interesting mix of rough around the edges port town and historic collection of Victorian homes.  There is a lot to do and see in Astoria and travelers will want to start their Oregon coast vacation in Astoria. 

Things to Do In Astoria Oregon

Columbia River Maritime Museum
The Columbia River Maritime Museum is a very well designed and curated museum.  The Columbia River Maritime Museum tells the story of the Columbia River using exhibits of ships, lighthouses, weapons, scrimshaw, and other seafaring paraphernalia.  There is even an original document signed by Abraham Lincoln.  One thought provoking exhibit was that of the USS Astoria which was sent on a mission to Japan in 1939 to return the remains of the Japanese Ambassador to the United States to his homeland for his funeral...
Flavel House Museum
The Flavel House Museum is on the Register of Historic Places and is a well-preserved example of Queen Anne architecture.  The Flavel House Museum was the home of Captain George Flavel, a very influential Astoria citizen, and his family.  The home was completed in 1886 and remained in the family until 1934.  The home is beautifully furnished in period style with little reminders of Astoria’s ties to the sea, such as a hand-painted stained glass window of a ship at sea.

Oregon Film Museum
Across the street from the Flavel House Museum is the Oregon Film Museum, located in the old Clatsop County Jail.  The Oregon Film Museum features exhibits from many movies that have been filmed in Oregon, but the most prominent movie featured is The Goonies, as some of the movie was filmed in the jail.  The museum is a lot of fun for fans of The Goonies and for kids.

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