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The Astoria Regatta in Astoria, Oregon

By Dan & Laurie Ashback / Published at Live #Dan330

The quaint and lively town of Astoria was a delight to visit during their annual Astoria Regatta celebration.  This was our second time visiting Astoria, Oregon on a motorcycle trip from midwestern Minnesota to the West Coast.  We approached Astoria from the Washington side of the river both times, stopping to take in the view from Dismal Nitch where you first view the Astoria-Megler bridge which connects the two states across the Columbia River.  The only time pedestrians are allowed on the bridge is during a once a year run called the Great Columbia Crossing, a 10 K run/walk from the Washington side, over the 4 mile bridge and into Astoria.

In order to see the scope of the bridge we went to the highest point in town where the Astoria Column presides over the city and the views are huge. You can climb the 164 spiral steps to the top of the column for an even more amazing view of where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.  In a side note, the architect for the column, Ralph Budd, worked with a St. Paul businessman and railroad builder, James J. Hill, who was CEO of the Great Northern Railway and whose name is synonymous with St Paul, where we’re from.  Small world.

Back down at sea level, the town of Astoria is beyond cute, trendy, lively and fun, and the entire city is in on it.  Everywhere you go, the town had a great sense of itself, it’s identity, heritage and culture.  The town centers on the wharf where restaurants, the Maritime Museum, ships and trolley dominate the boardwalk, especially during the Astoria Regatta.

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