Astoria Warrenton - Pure Character

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Please be respectful of private residences when touring historic and film locations. 

This tour was created in 2008 and the status of some sites have changed since then. Because the historic significance is still relevant we will continue to keep these audio files available on our website but are no longer producing CDs.

Astoria and Warrenton’s Historical Attractions Tour       MAP
01        Introduction to Astoria and Warrenton Historical Sites Tour
02        Cannery Row
03        Uniontown & Doughboy Monument
04        Bond Street Boarding Houses
05        Courthouse & Post Office
06        Churches & Saloons
07        Capt. George Flavel House
08        Mrs. Flavel
09        Fire Destroys Downtown Astoria
10        Liberty Theater & Clark Gable
11        Astor Hotel
12        Fort Astoria and Ranald McDonald
13        Heritage Museum
14        Craftsman Homes
15        Sanborn House
16        Astoria Column
17        Pier 39 Cannery
18        Lightship Columbia
19        Astoria Riverfront Trolley
20        Historic Fort Stevens
21        Peter Iredale Shipwreck
22        Fort Clatsop

The Reel Astoria Tour       MAP
23        Introduction to The Reel Astoria Tour
24        Short Circuit House
25        Goonies Jail
26        The Ring II Opening
27        Kindergarten Cop House
28        The Ring II House
29        Goonies Football Field
30        Free Willy House
31        Kindergarten Cop School
32        Goonies House    ** View from 35th on riverfront or near baseball fields. **
33        Kindergarten Cop Restaurant
34        TMNT3 Youngs River Falls
35        K Cop Goonies Point Break Ecola State Park

Note: These audio tours were created in 2008.
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